Colour Snap is a group exhibition exploring the endless ways in which colour shapes our world. Encompassing installation, moving image, painting and textile work by artists Rhys Coren, Jacob Dahlgren, Anna Mac, Anna Ray and Liz West, the exhibition encourages physical, emotional and personal responses to colour.

Colour has a profound effect on us even though we may not be aware of it. Colour represents, more than any other attribute of our visual experience, a place where both physical properties and personal experiences are interwoven in an intimate way. This group exhibition brings together five national and international artists to investigate their playful approaches to colour.

Image above: Jacob Dahlgren "A Wonderful World of Abstraction". Photography by Joseph Carr.

UHArts, Colour Snap, Rhys Coren
‘Snap' (installation view), 2016 Rhys Coren. Image courtesy of galeriepcp, Paris
UHArts, Colour Snap, Liz West
Liz West, Autumn Lights, 2016. Photo by Felix Mooneeram.