We spoke to alumnus and photographer Carl Bigmore about his photography practice. Watch this short conversation to learn more about his ways of working – what inspires him, what tips he has for new graduates and artists and how studying at the University of Hertfordshire has helped his career.

Carl was also featured in the photography Art in Practice exhibition

Man sitting on brown horse in brown cowboy outfit, behind him a lake and green trees and mountainWhitewomen with bright pink hair, carrying a cardigan starin off to the left. Behind her is a traffic stop light

Image from the Between the Mysteries photography series © Carl Bigmore

Carl Bigmore is a photographer based in London. His work is centred around the connection between people and place, and how through history and mythology we understand the landscapes around us.

Bigmore graduated with BA (Hons) in Photography from the University of Hertfordshire before going on to study an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at UAL, graduating in 2015. He has exhibited widely and received multiple awards while also working with commercial clients such as The Telegraph Magazine, Airbnb and Financial Times.

Website: carlbigmore.co.uk Instagram: @CarlBigmore