Listen to artist Adam James talk about his work in the Play Full exhibition. He discusses his practice, and the methods and thought-processes behind the work.

The artist:

Adam James (born 1978) is a British  artist based in Sweden. His work sets up a relationship between site, artist, audience and artwork that explores how a sculptural form can promote play and serve as an alibi for dialogue.

At the heart of James’ practice is a desire to bring people together in order to understand the self and to open up new ways of being and interacting. He uses non-verbal play to encourage forms of dialogue, mediation and the reconsideration of sameness and difference. James’ video works display past larp (live action role play) events which the artist facilitates as a means for fostering new forms of communication, empathy and compassion between participants.

Adam James graduated with an MA in Fine Art Printmaking from the Royal College of Art, London in 2007. He is set to finish his PhD in Fine Art from the University of Kent in 2021. James has exhibited widely across UK and Europe. His most recent solo show ‘All of Us are Myself’ was exhibited at The Wellcome Collection, London in 2019.