We’re delighted to introduce one of four winners of our ‘And Breathe’ music competition - Kamaal Abdullah.

Kamaal won the opportunity to perform his song ‘Heart to Break’ for his band - Danger of Drowning - professionally on the new Live Sound and Lighting Stage at The University of Hertfordshire. The song reflects on a person who is having mental health struggles during lockdown and feels like they are "barely breathing".

Kamaal Abdullah: Heart to Break

About Kamaal Abdullah

Student in Music Production at the University of Hertfordshire.

Band:  @danger.of.drowning

"I handled all songwriting, recording and production duties, along with playing all the instruments on the track. The intense mood of the song was inspired by mental health struggles that people faced during lockdown. Lyrically the song revolves around a person who keeps going back to someone who has treated them badly, and still keeps putting their trust in them. The song is relevant to the theme of breathing, as the chorus vividly depicts how someone has been emotionally abused by someone - to the point that they are “barely breathing”. Throughout the song, the instrumentation gets heavier and more textured – illustrating how things are progressively getting more stressful and harder to deal with."

And Breathe was created in collaboration with Herts SU, University of Hertfordshire's Music Department, and UH Arts.