The University of Hertfordshire Art Collection features over 500 artworks displayed across its campuses. Hosted by UH Arts, this walk introduces 12 outdoor sculptures on College Lane campus.

The Sculpture Tour presents an eclectic group of works which map the changing characteristics of British Sculpture since the 1950s. You will encounter a bronze torso by Henry Moore’s pupil John Farnham and a bespoke wall relief map by Trevor Tennant. The trail reveals Land Art by Andy Goldsworthy, as well as sound sculpture, interactive sculpture, assemblages and intervention into the landscape.

We also normally run regular Sculpture Walks unfortunately, these are temporarily unavailable. The Sculpture Walk encourages you to leave your desk to take a new walk around the campus, paying attention to objects that you may have passed by. We hope you will enjoy the range of different sculptures and the new responses they may trigger.


Our Sculpture Map can be found in foyers, cafes and reception desks across the two campuses. Or you can download a digital copy.

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