With striking aesthetics and a rousing soundtrack, award-winning performance company Levantes Dance Theatre present THE BAND, a quirky and humorous display of desperate ambition and blind affection told through awe-inspiring dance, theatre and circus.

Sandy & Bruno met in the Seventies. She was fame hungry; he was doomed to follow her. As one hit wonders, this is a story of their big come-back. With Sandy’s determination and Bruno’s blissful devotion to her, they are here; not by popular demand, but by sheer defiance!

"A deeply skilled combination of circus skills and silent comedy... the timing and technique is a joy" British Theatre Guide

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"A humorous and talented couple, striving to get back into the business of performance through beautiful movement and stunning acrobatics."

Everything Theatre

"I felt like I had walked into someone’s glam rock dream and I honestly didn’t want to get out! The glitter-glazed aesthetic had me hooked instantly, the choreography did everything I imagine the artists wanted it to do – it made me laugh and smile."

Aldelphi Reviews