About The Film:

Widely regarded as the preeminent example of "the screwball comedy", His Girl Friday (1940) remains one of the great jewels of Hollywood's Golden Age. The second screen adaptation of the play The Front Page - the first being the 1931 film of the same name - director Howard Hawks crafted an iconic vision of the fast-paced newsroom environment, replete with overlapping, crackling dialogue between the sparring leads: Cary Grant at his charismatic best as the hard-boiled editor Walter Burns, and Rosalind Russell as star reporter (and Burns' ex-wife) Hildy Johnson.

TRUTH TO POWER: Journalism on Screen

31 October to 28 November

From the stylish, wise-cracking news hound pounding the big city streets to the bedraggled reporter doggedly pursuing dangerous truths, Hollywood has a proud and vivid tradition of representing the noble art of journalism, with the journalist themselves a vessel to showcase the best – and worst – of humanity

In the era of “fake news” and where truth is ever more subjective, join UHArts for a season of classic films that celebrate the drive of holding Truth to Power.

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