Room with a View by Jane Glynn

Make a little room using your imagination and all the scrap materials you can find around your home. Create a room with a view, complete with furniture, and place the room against a window or print your own view.

Would your room have a view of a balcony, back garden or a city like Paris? The choice is yours.

Suitable for all ages.

You'll find instructions to get you started below - click here and a handy template for furniture here

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a picture of artist Jane Glynn wrapped around colourful paper chainsJane Glynn

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What you will need: a shoebox, scissors, glue, scraps of card, fabric scraps, needle and cotton, paints/ crayons/ marker pens, wrapping paper.

Step 1: Cut out a window of your box and decorate the walls

Design your own furniture, a bed, table.

Step 3: Find a nice view for your window, you can even print off a picture to stick it over the window.

Furniture examples, use these shapes as templates to make a table, chair or bed

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