Following our series of projects that explore the collections of St Albans Museums in anticipation of the Town Hall venue opening, Abi Spendlove has been commissioned to engage with the museum’s artefacts.

Abi is fascinated by fragmented objects within the collection and is investigating their significance and their untold stories. In a world of mass-produced, throw-away objects, she questions our motivations for holding onto broken items and the strong significance that imperfect objects can carry for us.

As part of her research, she invites visitors to bring their own broken objects to the museum. During the session Abi hopes to uncover a new collection of objects owned by museum visitors and their unique histories.

These objects will journey through an accessioning process, (similar to the process that objects donated to the museum undertake) including being examined, photographed and catalogued by the museum team.

Abi’s final artwork will be presented in St Albans later this year.

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