Elizabeth Murton

This cross-disciplinary afternoon aims to bring together different elements that have influenced Elizabeth Murton’s installation, including dance, the body and the field of ‘New Materialism’. Participants from across different disciplines are invited to make, learn and discuss these themes and think about their own work.

The symposium will include practical sessions that explore materials through dance and visual arts, as well as anatomy lecture. Please see below for programme outline.

This symposium will take place in the context Murton's new installation in the Art and Design Gallery. This intervention explores how the structures of materials inside and outside the body can relate to one another. In preparation Murton has worked with a contemporary dancer, talked with a UH physiotherapy lecturer and other scientists and participated in a New Materialism reading group. The installation brings together this active research in ambitious physical form – as tangible as our own muscles, tendons and bones. The symposium takes a step further to provide a platform for further dialogue between peers and collaborators.

All welcome, including artist, scientists and those who work on related themes or areas

If travelling from London, please book our private coach (additional £5 charge) that will leave from Bow Arts, Bow Road, E3 2SJ at 10.15 and leave to return at 7.15pm. Please arrive in good time to register and board the coach.

Symposium Programme Outline

Please check Elizabeth's blog page https://amatterofeverything.wordpress.com/ for updates to the programme for the symposium.


11.45am Registration

Part 1


  • Introduction to the day
  • Session on awareness and perception – bringing us to the space, the installation and our bodies
  • New Materialism Philosophy – keynote

Part 2

3.00-6.00pm: including afternoon tea

  • Introduction to anatomy, including muscles and connective tissue with Karen Atkinson (Principal Lecturer - Professional Lead, Physiotherapy at Hertfordshire University)
  • Session with dancer Janine Harrington exploring the physical investigations within Materials and Mechanisms, drawing on improvisation scores, bodywork and anatomy and physiology (no previous experience necessary)
  • Visual arts workshop (no previous experience necessary)

Evening reception


  • A short artist talk, performance from dancer Janine Harington and more refreshments.