Ensuring all young people living and learning in Hertfordshire are accessing a varied and rewarding cultural life.

The Hertfordshire Cultural Education Partnership (HCEP) was set up by a cross-sector group of stakeholders drawn from the local authority, education and culture to ensure wider access to arts and culture for all young people in Hertfordshire, particularly those who are more disadvantaged.

The Arts Council England 'Culture Challenge' initiative has seen the creation of over 100 ‘Cultural Education Partnerships’ (CEP) across the UK. Arts Council England (via the Royal Opera House Bridge programme) aspire for Hertfordshire to be the first county-wide CEP and are offering support and funding to make this happen. They want to see arts/cultural organisations, educational institutions and local authorities sharing approaches and resources to bring about a more coherent and visible delivery of cultural education in Hertfordshire.

HCEP is chaired by a steering group, with representatives from all phases of education and cultural organisations. This group meets regularly to analyse the need, set future priorities, attract investment to strategic initiatives and drive forward the Partnership’s agenda. At the moment, we are delivering against the HCEP Strategic Plan, which has a range of priorities.

We are promoting opportunities for young people to engage with culture within and beyond their school day, highlighting the emotional and physical benefits from taking part in creative and cultural experiences inside and outside their education, and we would also like to highlight examples of the many benefits young people gain from taking part in creative and cultural experiences.  If you provide cultural opportunities for children and young people in Hertfordshire, we hope you will join a collective effort to expand the culture and creative offer for young people in our county.

Make your voice heard

Effective consultation and engagement underpin our co-operative principles. We aim to bring together youth arts practitioners, teachers and young people to talk through their priorities for cultural education, share local and national updates and provide an opportunity for networking.

We welcome everybody who is committed to improving the youth arts and cultural offer in Hertfordshire and invite you to contribute by commenting on our strategy document.

If you are willing to share your views on current cultural activities in Hertfordshire and the changes we need to make and the future needs that you foresee, please use the short surveys below by Sunday 30th September.

Survey for schools and education providers

Survey for Cultural Organisations and Practitioners

We hope this new venture for our county is of interest, and please feel free to share this with your networks.